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TERMS & Conditions

Before you, as an applicant, submit your application, you must read and agree to the

following terms and conditions:

FN ORTHODONTICS ask the information contained in this application to assess whether

you should be considered as a potential member of our knowledge database.

• You have provided true, complete, accurate information in your request

application and related documents, and you have represented yourself, your

work and your accomplishments in a manner consistent with the norms of the

relevant field.

• You have answered the questions and provided the information in this form to

the best of our knowledge and belief, and that as far as you are aware the

answers and information are true and correct in all respects and that no relevant

details have been omitted.

• You acknowledge that if any information is included in this request for

consideration is false or misleading in any way, FN ORTHODONTICS shall have the

right to terminate your membership on this knowledge database.

• You declare that the information provided in and with this request are true

in every respect and agree that such information may be collected and

used, following FN ORTHODONTICS Privacy Policy (Our Privacy Policy Center). We

comply with GDPR.

• We reserve the right to refuse to process your membership to this link as well

as refuse to give you all the requested information if we find that your personal

data are not true, and there is no scientific-technological concern to all these.

• FN ORTHODONTICS have the right to contact any appropriate third parties to

verify the accuracy of the information in this application and retain any information

obtained for its records.

• FN ORTHODONTICS may provide the information contained in this application

to its advisers, including its accountants, lawyers, and consultants, and may retain

copies of this application for its records, whether or not this application is


Finally, by reading this form and filling in the following application, you confirm

that you have read, and I agree to our Terms and Conditions. 

If you have any requests please fill in our request form below.

Thanks for submitting! We' l get back to you shortly.

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Full name and legal status of FN Orthodontics:

Private Company, Ntouloupas Frantzesko EL 055370327

(category: Dental Technician Laboratory specialized in Orthodontics)

duly incorporated under the laws of Greece

Physical address: 2-8 Tetrapoleos str Goudi PC: 115 27 Athens ,Attiki,Greece

Telephone number: +30 210 7773373 / +302107483335, +30 6982 883123 / +30

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